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Corporate Internet Banking

About Internet Banking

With Corporate Internet Banking, you can effectively and efficiently manage your accounts by having access to real-time on-line information.

What are the requirements to obtain Corporate Internet Banking?

Corporate account/s with Barclays Bank PLC, UAE.
Computer with internet access and a compatible browser.
Log-in to Barclays Bank PLC, UAE Corporate site and click on the Internet Banking link to access Corporate Internet Banking. No special software required.

Am I eligible to access Corporate Internet Banking?

The following are eligible for Corporate Internet Banking facility:

A proprietor of a business
A partner in a partnership firm
Designated user by the each company to access Corporate Internet Banking

How secure is the Barclays Corporate Internet Banking?

Barclays Bank PLC uses the Security Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and the 128 bit encryption, which are the most advanced and industry standard technologies to protect the data transmission over the internet.

SSL is a protocol, for securely and privately transmitting documents over the Internet using both public and secret cryptography. SSL is supported by well-known browsers including Safari and Internet Explorer.

Encryption is a process to convert the sensitive information into unrecognisable form, which travels between your computer and Barclays computer system. Also we have latest firewalls in place to keep your information private and confidential.

How do we know that we are accessing the secured website?

Corporate Internet Banking is accessed through a secured site, which helps the data to be transmitted securely. The following will confirm you that the Barclays Online Banking URL is secured:

The padlock symbol appears at the bottom of every browser screen

What are the steps that the bank has initiated to secure Corporate Internet Banking from the customer’s side?

A unique Corporate Internet Banking log-in ID will be issued by Barclays at the preference of the customer. The customer needs to use this ID with the session password, which will be generated by the PSM device. PSM device is the security token that will be issued to the user by Barclays, which generates dynamic passwords to log-in as well as to initiate/approve transactions.

An automatic time-out is available if the user leaves the session unattended for a prolonged period, as another security feature in the system.

Is 'dual control' option available in Corporate Internet Banking?

Yes. The applicant can nominate users as initiators or approvers for the purpose of initiating transactions on Corporate Internet Banking. The Corporate Internet Banking can accommodate sole authorization as well as multiple authorizations for a transaction with different limits. The user rights set-up in Corporate Internet Banking will be as per the authorizations levels in the Company Account Mandate existing with the Bank.

Is an online help and troubleshooting available for the users?

Yes. There is a comprehensive online help function is available within the Corporate Internet Banking. Users can access the same and refer the respective function for further assistance as and when required.

Also, the user can speak to one of our Customer Service Assistance or send an email using the contact details published in the site.

How do I get registered to Corporate Internet Banking?

You may contact the Commercial Service Team at uaecorporateservices@barclays.com. Your Relationship Manager will assist you to get registered for the Corporate Internet Banking facility. Once the completed application is submitted to the bank you will be granted access to log on to Corporate Internet Banking and the PSM device will be couriered to you by Barclays. Barclays will reconfirm your log-in ID and will activate the device upon receipt of the acknowledgement.

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