Telephony Fraud

Telephony Fraud

Want to know how you can protect yourself from fraud? Follow our tips and you'll be well on your way to avoiding the scams.

Phishing for information

Fraudsters use many techniques to obtain customers' passwords and security credentials. Often a fraudster will call the victim and pretend to be the bank or a police official and ask for bank account details, card details, three-digit security numbers, PINs and any Online or Telephone Banking pass codes.

Unfortunately some people do fall for this and later find that a fraudster has stolen their money.

Simply – never give out any banking pass codes/PINs or card details to anyone who phones you.

Rest assured that if we do phone you, we will never ask for this information.

If you receive a call and the caller identifies himself as a Barclays employee, always ask for this person's full name and department and, if you have any doubts about this person’s true identity, just terminate the call and contact us immediately. If you were speaking to a genuine bank official, don’t worry – we won’t take it personally. We care more for your security than for our personal feelings.

What should I do if I’ve fallen victim to telephony fraud?

Contact us on 04 428 6000 immediately if you think you are or may be a victim of fraud on your Barclays cards or accounts. If you have received a suspicious email that claims to be from us, please forward it to and then delete the email immediately.