Life Insurance

 Key facts


Affordable and flexible, life insurance plans give you the option of taking additional protection benefits, such as accidental death, critical illness, permanent total disability, etc.


Hyat is a Shari’ah Compliant life Insurance plan that runs to an agreed end-date and pays out an agreed sum if the covered member passes away or suffers from a covered event. Hyat can provide you or your family with the money needed should anything unfortunate happen to you. For this reason, Hyat not only offers Family Takaful Cover but also a choice of additional optional benefits which includes Accidental Death, Permanent & Total Disability, Critical Illness and Terminal Illness. Hyat can be owned by an individual or a corporate entity. Hyat is provided by SALAMA - Islamic Arab Insurance Company.


Hemaya is a Shari’ah Compliant fixed term protection plan that agrees to payout a Family Takaful Benefit if the covered member passes away during the term of the plan. Hemaya also comes with an optional terminal illness benefit. Hemaya can be owned by an individual or a corporate entity. Hemaya is provided by SALAMA - Islamic Arab Insurance Company.


Baity is a Shari’ah compliant reducing term protection plan that is ideal when linked with your home finance commitment When applying for Baity, the benefit amount and period that best suits your home finance needs can be chosen and the benefit amount reduces in line with the outstanding balance. Baity aims to payout a pre-determined sum if the covered member passes away or due to any sickness or an accident becomes permanently and totally disabled. Baity can be owned by an individual or a corporate entity. Baity is provided by SALAMA - Islamic Arab Insurance Company.


Futura from Zurich International Life is lifetime protection policy with the flexibility to accommodate changes in benefits as the circumstances of your life change. As a lifetime protection policy, Futura can give you high levels of financial protection providing for your family members in unforeseen circumstances. Futura can help you achieve the level of protection and benefits you require to protect you and your family, whilst remaining flexible enough to accommodate your changing lifestyle. Futura provides a comprehensive range of additional benefits which you can add or remove at different stages of your life. These benefits include critical illness, family income benefit, accidental death benefit, hospitalization benefit, long-term care benefit, accidental dismemberment benefit, permanent total disability benefit, waiver of premiums, aeroplane cover, etc.

International Term Assurance

ITA from Zurich International Life is a Life Insurance plan with Critical illness, Permanent and total disability and Waiver of premium benefits to select. ITA can be owned by individuals and corporate entities. Individual protection can covers needs such as Loan protection and Income replacement. Corporate protection covers needs such as key person cover, key dependent cover and shareholder protection. ITA runs for a fixed term and the policy pays out a guaranteed cash sum in case of an unforeseen event during the course of the policy term.

Important Information

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