Savings Plans

Key facts

Saving was never this easy. Savings plans help you plan ahead, whether for retirement or for your child’s education. You also gain access to international mutual funds, offering you the benefits of diversification and capital growth.

Idikhar, Maash and Iqra

Idikhar, Maash and Iqra are Shari’ah Compliant savings plans that aim at building up an investment fund that you may get at the end of the Plan term. These plans also pay out an agreed sum during the selected term if the Covered Member passes away or suffers from any optional benefits chosen such as Accidental Death, Permanent & Total Disability, Critical Illness, Terminal Illness etc. Idikhar, Maash and Iqra also offer encashment benefit wherein the plan could be partially or fully withdrawn at any time. These plans can be owned by an individual or a corporate entity. This product is provided by Salama- Islamic Arab Insurance Company.


Momayaz is a Shari’ah Compliant single contribution investment plan with the aim of increasing the value of the invested lump sum. Momayaz comes with a host of options including flexibility to choose the funds in accordance with risk appetite, partial or full withdrawal at anytime, regular partial withdrawals etc. Momayaz comes with a Family Takaful benefit of 101% of invested amount in case the covered member passes away. Momayaz can be owned by an individual or a corporate entity. This product is provided by Salama- Islamic Arab Insurance Company.


Vista from Zurich International Life is a unit linked savings policy that provides flexibility, and access to a large choice of funds. It is ideal for the internationally-minded investor who wants to save for the medium to long-term. Vista provides you the flexibility to either invest regular premiums and/ or a single premium and the option of increasing your premiums if you so wish. As a Vista customer you may be eligible for a bonus allocation wherein a certain additional percentage of your premium will be invested on your behalf. You also benefit (if selected) from the automatic rebalancing feature of Vista wherein your portfolio will be diverted to lower risk investments as maturity approaches.

Global Choice

Global Choice from Zurich International is a unit linked Investment plan that enables you to choose from a wide range of funds with the aim of increasing the value of the money you invest while providing a high level of flexibility. It allows you to make both single and regular contributions, offers the potential for good investment growth, and is adaptable enough to change as your circumstances change. Global Choice also pays a loyalty bonus of 1% on contributions after three years worth of regular contributions which increases to 2% after you have paid ten years’ worth of regular contributions.

International Saving Plan (ISP)

Designed by MetLife Alico, ISP is an exciting investment opportunity that can help you optimize your hard earned savings and reach your financial aspirations through a wide range of professionally managed international funds.

The plan helps you achieve a systematic and disciplined approach to wealth creation while also providing you with the insurance protection you and your loved ones need.

ISP also allows you to enhance your protection through valuable optional insurance benefits such as Critical Illness, Waiver of Premium, Partial and Permanent Total Disability due to Accident, and more.

Future Assure

Whether it’s paying for a spectacular wedding for your child or starting your own business, Future Assure can help turn your dreams into reality.

The plan, designed by MetLife Alico, provides you with guaranteed benefits that help optimize your savings and ensure that the future of your loved ones is protected against unforeseen circumstances.

Future Assure offers you the option to enhance your protection through optional valuable insurance benefits such as  Waiver of Premium on Loss of Life or Disability, Accident & Sickness in-hospital income, Personal Accident Benefit or Income Benefit Rider.

Super Invest

Super Invest from MetLife Alico offers the perfect opportunity to maximize your prospects of capital growth.
The plan is designed to help you achieve your dreams by providing you with a wide range of investment strategies that can be tailored based on your aspirations and requirements.

Super Invest also offers you the flexibility to make the plan suit your changing circumstances and offers Accidental Death coverage to protect your loved ones should the unexpected happen to you.

Income Assure

Income Assure from MetLife Alico is a unit linked savings plan that offers you the opportunity to accumulate wealth through tailor-made investment strategies to suit your risk profile and financial needs.

By contributing for just 5 years, you will be well prepared to meet your long term needs. At anytime after the initial 5 years, instead of receiving your account value as a lump sum, you may elect to receive a regular Quarterly income guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years. This Quarterly income depends on your account value and will be paid to you for as long as you live.

Income Assure also provides valuable life and accident insurance protection, range of payout options and the ability to enhance the plan with additional insurance protection such as Waiver of Premium.


Generali Vision is a unit-linked regular premium, whole of life plan without guarantees, designed to help you to grow your wealth and allow you to enjoy it how and when you choose. It is suitable for individuals aged between 19 next birthday and 70 next birthday, companies and trusts. The premium payment term can be selected at outset of the plan and is a minimum of 5 years with a maximum term up to 25 years or the relevant life assured’s 75th birthday, if earlier. Vision is a flexible product that offers over 200 direct underlying funds, unlimited free switching, single premium top-ups and regular income facility.


Generali Choice is a unit-linked, single premium, whole of life plan without guarantees for individuals aged between 19 next birthday and 75 next birthday, companies and trusts. Choice offers over 200 direct underlying funds, unlimited free switching and all investments are allocated at 100%.

Important Information

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