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Barclays has partnered with the world’s top investment managers to help you manage your wealth. While we provide you with solutions suited to your risk tolerance and investment horizon, you gain immediate and direct exposure to world markets, across different asset classes and geographies.

Structured Notes

Structured products allow you to take a risk-adjusted exposure to conventional assets or diversify a portfolio by investing in assets that are otherwise difficult to access. You have the opportunity to customize your investments, with the option of guaranteeing your capital. Depending on your outlook and return expectation, you can link your investment to equity indices, single stocks, basket of stocks, currencies, interest rates, commodities and funds.


Terms and conditions apply. Please read the offer documents carefully before investing. This document does not constitute an offer, invitation or solicitation to buy or sell securities. This document is not a personal recommendation and you should consider whether you can rely upon any opinion or statement contained in this document without seeking further advice tailored for your own circumstances. Not all products are suitable for all investors. Investors should have sufficient knowledge, experience and/or suitable professional legal, regulatory, tax, business and accounting advice to undertake their own assessment.