Launch of SMS Alert Service


Dear Customer,

We are pleased to announce the introduction of free-of-charge SMS alerts. From 1st April 2012, you will be notified by SMS each time any of the following transactions or events occurs:

  • Withdrawing cash from an ATM using your Barclays debit card

  • Making a purchase at a Point-Of-Sale using your Barclays debit card

  • If a cheque issued from your account cannot be fulfilled i.e. bounces

  • If a cheque deposited into your account cannot be fulfilled i.e. bounces

This new service will provide enhanced security as it will allow you to monitor withdrawals from your account. In the event that you receive an SMS alert for a transaction that you have not made you can proactively contact us and we can take appropriate action to ensure that no further unauthorised transactions are made.  Similarly, if a cheque has not been debited or credited properly the SMS alert will allow you to take proactive remedial action.  

We will send the SMS alerts to the mobile phone number that we hold for you on our records. If you have changed your number recently, or if you have not updated your contact details with us for some time, we would recommend that you get in touch before 1st April 2012 to update your details.

Kind regards,