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Disclaimer:  Mortgage Lending Rate [MLR]  is a reference rate used at Barclays. The final applicable rate on your mortgage will have a component of Business Margin added to the MLR

For further information, please contact your respective relationship manager.

Mortgage FAQs

1. Is the interest rate quoted to me at the application stage fixed throughout the lifetime of my mortgage?
For Variable rate: No, the interest rate quoted at the application stage is indicative, and may be subject to change before or after the mortgage is disbursed.

For Fixed rate: Interest rate quoted at the application stage is a fixed rate for the period you opted, and will be changed once the fixed period expires.

In case your interest rate changes after the Offer letter is provided or during the lifetime of your mortgage, our Mortgage Customer Management Desk will notify you on the relevant charges and will assist you in making the necessary amendments.

2. If mortgage interest rates fluctuate what happens to my monthly mortgage payment?
If and when mortgage interest rates fluctuate, Mortgage Customer Management Desk will contact you on the changes and your existing monthly payment will be adjusted to reflect any of the decrease or increase of the interest rate. We recommend that in cases where the interest rate is subject to increase, you ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your mortgage payments to avoid late payment fees.

3. What is the term of the mortgage offered?
At Barclays, we offer term between 5 to 25 years for a mortgage up to you reaching age of 65 years (if salaried), or 70 years if self employed (on maturity of the loan).

4. Do I require insurance coverage for availing mortgage facility?
Life cover is mandatory for all completed villas and apartments being financed. In addition, it is also mandatory for you to arrange for property insurance on your completed villa.

5. When does my first monthly mortgage payment starts?
The first Monthly Payment will be due on the 30th day from the loan disbursement date.

6. I am making mortgage payments every month. Can you tell me where my payments are going?
When you make a monthly mortgage payment, the interest accrued and the outstanding portion of the capital are repaid. Gradually, over the term of the mortgage the balance is reduced and the mortgage is fully paid at the expiry of the mortgage term.

7. Can I make extra payments on my mortgage?
Yes, you may certainly make extra payments on your mortgage during the annual year of the mortgage. You will incur partial payment charges in accordance to the Schedule of Charges and payable on the day when the partial payment is made. Our Schedule of Charges is displayed or available in each of our UAE branches at any time. The Schedule of Charges is subject to change from time to time; the Bank’s decision shall be made at its own discretion and shall be conclusive.

For updated information on the current Schedule of Charges, please contact your Mortgage Relationship Manager or the Mortgage Customer Management Desk.

8. If I sell my home, what happens to my mortgage and are there any charges involved?
Barclays will be pleased to assist you in the steps involved in purchasing another property, and paying out your existing mortgage. If you are replacing your mortgage with an amount equal to or greater than the existing mortgage, processing fee for the new mortgage will not apply. However, if you are redeeming your mortgage in cash or transferring to another financial institution please refer to Schedule of Charges for further details.

9. I would like to voice my opinion. Who do I contact?
At Barclays, we value your feedback and encourage an open discourse between us and our clients. For comments and suggestions, please contact the Mortgage Customer Management Desk at:
Telephone: +971 4 4296922 or email us at

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