Premier Banking Account

Banking Essentials

As a Premier Banking customer , you will enjoy


  • Free international debit card accepted at over 25 million retail outlets worldwide and over 1 million ATM

  • Daily withdrawal limit up to AED50,000 when using your debit card in the UAE and abroad

  • Daily spend limit up to AED100,000 when using your debit card at retail outlets in the UAE and abroad

  • Complementary supplementary debit card for your spouse

  • Unlimited free cash withdrawals when using your debit card on Barclays and non Barclays ATMs in the UAE and Abroad

  • Unlimited free chequebook issuance

  • Unlimited free teller transactions at our branches in the UAE

  • Waiver of outward remittance charges(1)

  • Free cheque protect and sweep out set-up


  • Our best in class credit card free from annual fees for life(2)

  • Current and Saving accounts available in UAE Dirham, Euro, Pound Sterling and US Dollar

  • Earn up to 0.50% p.a. interest on your UAE Dirham current account balances(3)

  • No minimum balance maintenance fees

  • Preferential pricing on all transacting, borrowing, saving and investment products and services including foreign exchange, personal loans, mortgages and many more

  • Access to a US Dollar credit line to support your investments

  • A full range of offshore products and services available in several currencies and held in the UK or Isle of Man to meet your holistic financial needs

Team of experts

  • A dedicated Premier Relationship Manager who will provide insights into the right products and services and guide you every step of the way

  • A dedicated Service Manager who will cater to your requests and help fast track your transactions

  • Qualified Investment Managers who will help you tap into the expertise of one of the largest financial institutions in the world by offering you a selection of funds from leading global fund managers(4)

  • Market leading Mortgage Managers that will help you take advantage of the best deal

  • Business Banking experts who will help you get access to Business facilities such as Business Loans, Credit Line and Trade products to help you grow your business.


(1) Terms and Conditions apply. Corresponding and beneficiary bank charges may apply. This benefit is available only through the Xceed account under Premier Banking and will provide two free transfers to Barclays Group and one free transfer to any bank worldwide per month.

(2) All credit facilities are subject to bank’s approval

(3) To earn 0.50%, you will need to maintain AED100,000 and above in the Xceed account

(4) Barclay’s Bank PLC, UAE does not give investment advice. The foregoing does not constitute the making of any offer or invitation to subscribe for investment products nor does it amount to solicitation by the Bank or any of its affiliates and all investment in offered funds executed through the bank are undertaken at the customer’s sole risk. Nothing herein shall be construed as making any offer of investments to US persons.




Exclusive Privileges

Acknowledging that your lifestyle is equally important, we have packed our proposition with exclusive privileges to match your status.

  • Exclusive offers and discounts from premium brands

  • Free Golf(1) for you and a friend at The Els Club, Dubai Sports City in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Golf Club and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, Abu Dhabi all year long and access to play at 300 of the world's best golf courses at discounted rates

  • Complimentary Priority Pass access to over 600 airport lounges(3)

  • Attractive rewards programme for every dirham spent on your credit card(3)

  • 10% cash back on dining spends made on your credit card(3)

  • Cash back on all spends made on your debit card on your birthday(2)

  • Access to premium tickets to the most popular events such as sports, concerts and theatres from Ticket Exchange which is available globally and around the clock(3)

  • Free Valet parking at leading malls in the UAE(3)

  • Discounts, upgrades and complimentary booking at car rentals and chauffeur services globally(3)

  • Discounts, room upgrades, early check in and late check out offers at hotel chains around the world(3)

  • Invitations to exclusive events in the UAE and abroad such as Gold / Platinum class movie nights, dinners, sporting events, concerts and many more

  • Access to our report and research from across the Barclays Group

  • Invitations to educational seminars and lectures by business leaders as well as financial experts

(1) You can enjoy up to a maximum of three rounds of golf per month for free.
(2) Cash back will be up to 5% of your total retail spends on your birthday or AED 500 whichever is lower. Barclays Bank will use the birthdate as registered in our records to process the cash back.
(3) This benefit is provided through the Premier credit card.

Global Solutions

Because your needs do not stop locally, we provide you with global solutions that will make you feel at home wherever you go.

  • Unlimited free cash withdrawals when using your debit card on Barclays and non Barclays ATMs in the UAE and abroad

  • Access to our exclusive Premier Banking branches in most major cities across the world where you will benefit from a host of extra free services such as business centres, conference rooms and much more

  • Global Emergency Card replacement within 24 hours wherever you are in the world

  • Global Emergency Encashment within 24 hours from your request

  • Complimentary Priority Pass providing access to over 600 international airport lounges(1)

  • International Concierge Desk services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to arrange dinner reservations, chauffeurs and taxis, gifts and everything else needed to enhance your leisure and business trips whether in the UAE or abroad(1)

  • Access to play at 300 of the world's best golf courses at discounted rates(1)

  • Access to premium tickets to the most popular events such as sports, concerts and theatres from Ticket Exchnage which is available globally and around the clock(1)

  • Whether your needs are onshore or offshore, your Relationship Manager will be happy to offer you options and solutions that meet your holistic financial objectives(2)

  • If home is where your heart is, we have made it easy for you to grow your savings through our Non-Resident Indian banking solutions therefore helping you secure your future at home while you continue to bank in the UAE.

(1) This benefit is provided through the Premier credit card.
(2) Terms and conditions apply
Other than ATM cash withdrawals, no banking transactions can be transacted outside the UAE and access to your Relationship Manager is restricted to within the UAE.

Protecting you

Unexpected accidents happen but being a Premier Banking customer, this should not worry you. With our extensive insurance offering, you are protected.

  • For extra confidence, Visa Infinite cardholders benefit from Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty, goods are covered for 90 days from the purchase date up to USD20,000 per year

  • Travel insurance covers up to 3 family members, or colleagues

  • Medical Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation service up to USD1,000,000

  • Medical Emergency Expenses up to USD2,000,000

  • Personal Accident up to USD1,000,000

  • Loss of Baggage up to USD3,000

  • Travel cancellation up to USD5,000

  • Travel Delay up to USD9,000

  • Delayed Baggage up to USD1,440

  • Global Emergency Card replacement within 24 hours wherever you are in the world

  • Global Emergency Encashment up to USD5,000 within 24 hours from your request

    All insurance benefits are offered through the Premier credit card only with the exception of the Global Emergency services which is provided on both debit and credit card.

    Insurance products are subject to exclusions, special terms and conditions and medical underwriting requirements (as applicable) contained in the policy document. Insurance products are optional and underwritten by insurers, subject to terms and conditions of each policy. Barclays Bank PLC, UAE (the Bank) does not offer insurance advice nor underwrite or issue insurance policies. The Bank is not responsible for rejection of any application/claim. Policies can be cancelled at anytime

    subject to policy terms and conditions.